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I hope this is around forever

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I heard it’s important to understand that any picture you put on the Internet has the capability of being there forever.  Yes, we need to understand that any photo can be seen, shared, downloaded, re-seen or even mutated into the Internet’s next great meme.  On one side, that is a caution to our young friends who are so quick to get their phones out to capture every moronic scene from last night’s escapade with friends.  Potential bosses can easily find out what they really want to know about you.  Of course, in a few…read more

Just keep listening, just keep listening

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If following God seems strange to you sometimes, you’re not alone. Let’s be honest. This Jesus stuff is other wordly. But if we would learn to follow where God’s Spirit leads us, we’ll experience the joy God intends for us–no, not Matt Damon! ++If you’re reading by email or news reader, click here to watch.++ Stay blessed…john


Got no respect?

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Through no fault of their own, other than being nice and actually reading, some people thought the post I wrote last week was a rant about being a young pastor.  Oh, I could rant, but, perhaps, I went on a tad too much about the age thing and unintentionally led them that way.  But it was in the context of a conversation about my young age that got me thinking about the real topic of that post.  The post was about seeking respect. Or maybe it was about priorities. It’s worth bringing up…read more

You are not a funeral clown

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Let’s be real.  Most churchy definitions disqualify me as a young adult.  So, at 38 I’m too old to remember what it’s like to be young.  That’s right.  I’m too old for the typical young adult ministry. Typical. At least I’m no longer invited to young-adult only breakfasts and planning sessions.  The issue now, though, is that the old people (you’re welcome) still think I’m sooo young.  I’m like an entire Sophomore class.  Freshmen are unique because they’re new and wide-eyed–fresh meat.  Seniors are ready to be done with rules and work  Juniors are so…read more

Knowing the difference

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  Our faith affirms that God is constantly spurring us to the holy life.  Even at our best we struggle to see others and the world around us through the lens of true faith.  It is Christ in us that helps us see past our sin and holy failures.  When we recognize that God has been cleaning and scaling our vision, we understand the difference we have experienced. With a changed heart and a new vision, our lives become a witness to the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit…read more

Church troublemakers and church moneymakers

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“I wonder if they know who they are?” That was my thought as I was preaching this weekend.  At one point I shared my observation about going to a new church.  Each time I have been reappointed a moment comes when someone wants to have a talk with me.  Their intentions are good, I hope.  They want to prepare me; they don’t want me to be unaware.  They are pastors and church members.  They make sure I know who in the church are the troublemakers and the moneymakers.  You probably just…read more

25 lines for 25 years

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JUNE 30, 2014 I’m so forgetful. Yet I remember every minute. My family says I am not the same. That’s what happens when one day changes all. Pain is not the same, but it’s not better. There are less tears now. But less can be more. Today is the same as any other. Tell that to my heart. Life goes on because it has no real choice. We go on because our real choice is life.           We never forget. I never forget.