E20 Ancient Fast Food & Modern Prayers

A group of pastors in Corpus Christi and I started a podcast this year. We recorded our 20th episode on Monday.

It’s been a fun way to connect with each other. Our larger goal was to connect our churches. As far as I can tell, our local audience is growing.

I edit the podcast.

Up until this week, I had been putting about two hours into the podcast. That’s on top of the hour we meet and talk.

What took so long was the video editing. I edited the video to highlight who was talking, trying to follow the flow of the conversation. My thought was that was more engaging for anyone who watched.

That might be true.

But two hours is a lot of time for me. So, as you can tell from this week’s episode, I cut back on the editing. For the past twenty weeks, Mondays were full of editing. This week, I was able to do tend to other responsibilities.

Hardcore viewers might not appreciate the lack of editing. But I’m not sure we have hardcore viewers quite yet 🙂

The lack of editing doesn’t get in the way of the content we want to share.

Think about that.

Is there anything you’re doing that is taking up too much of your time? Anything you should decide to stop doing or allow someone else to do for you?

Chances are, the answer is yes.

Stay blessed…john

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