Whose rules?

COVID forced our clergy convocation online again this year. I do miss gathering with my colleagues. As a United Methodist pastor myself, these other pastors are my church. They are the people I see year in and year out as we serve our conference together.

I’ve known many of them since before I became a pastor.

I value worshiping and learning with them.

This year’s convocation centered on Susan Beaumont’s book titled How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going. This is an affirming book for me.

Although I didn’t appreciate having to sit through another online meeting, especially one that lasted several hours on two different day, Beaumont’s presentation was helpful.

It’s about learning to lead the church through uncertain times. That sounds too cliche. There’s more to it than that, but I hadn’t planned to unpack everything here.

One point she brought up today was Robert’s Rules of Order. She didn’t address it as an overarching theme; I don’t know if it’s in her book. Her comment was something about why church leadership holds on so tightly to Robert’s Rules.

Thank you!

I recall my first administrative council meeting at a church. Ever since that day, I’ve wondered why we’re married to that discernment process like we are. To me, there’s less discernment happening and more politics at play.
There are other forms of discernment. I’m not suggesting we read entrails again. And I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t use Robert’s Rules at all.

But we are better suited at changing the world with the way of Christ, not Robert.

Stay blessed…john

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