Happy Earth Day

More people are opening up to the idea of Creation care. Praise God!

In fact, one way to praise God is by caring for the home we have. It’s not hard to find biblical support for Creation care.

Today, Earth Day, I’m reminded of a band I came across last year in lockdown. They’re called Resound Worship, based in the UK. There are a lot of well-written worship songs. But this is the one I heard from them first.

Take a listen: God the Maker of the Heavens

God, the maker of the heavens,
and the planet that we share,
show us how to live, like Jesus,
lives of gratitude and care.
Make us mindful of the footprints
from the lives that we pursue.
Make us partners in your mission:
you are making all things new.

God, the gardener of Eden,
teach us how to tend this earth,
learning from the changing seasons,
times of fallow and new birth.
Lord have mercy when we’re careless,
rich resources we misuse.
Use our hands to heal creation:
you are making all things new.

God of labour and vocation,
Lord of science, trade and art,
take our efforts and our passions
make them mirrors of your heart.
Every habitat and creature
loved and valued, God, by you.
May our lives reveal your Kingdom:
you are making all things new.

You are making all things new.
you are making all things new,
all things renewed.

What a great reminder of our role as Creation’s stewards. I hope you’ll take some time to listen to their other worship music. At the same time, may we not take for granted the beauty of the earth and the responsibility we have to care for it.

Stay blessed…john

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