Let the ark go

Genesis 8:1-5

Probably every generation has looked for Noah’s ark. Of course, the technology we have makes it an even more attractive quest. We have so much more at our disposal now. And every few years some group tells us they have found it. Others believe government officials know where it is and refuse to let the world know. Apparently, that’s how they keep people from believing the Bible.

Proving the Bible isn’t on my radar. I’m not convinced the Bible asks to be proven.

That’s okay for me because I don’t know anyone who was one biblical proof away from believing in Jesus. Our hope, after all, is in our blessed assurance that Jesus is ours not in our scientific validation.

If you’re hoping to expose a governmental cover up, I suppose looking for the ark has its merits. Otherwise, let the ark go. In the account of God and Noah, the ark seems to disappear. It served a purpose. There were specific instructions on how to build it and what it was for. After that, it’s anyone’s guess what happened to it.

Noah could’ve used it for firewood.

As God’s people, we could learn to let go a little more. We’re prone to hold on to what was helpful or meaningful to us a little too long.

Listen, I get it.

We like what we like, especially if it’s been good for us. The danger, though, is what happens all too often. When we hold on too much we fashion new idols. I appreciate how one pastor says it: An idol is usually a good thing that we make ultimate. Plus, holding on to our things and our ways too tightly makes our churches pretty territorial.

Lost in that is the mission God gives the church. Again, not to prove the Bible by what ancient artifacts we can discover. But by living the faith the Bible depicts. What made Noah so important? He was righteous even when no one else was. 

Learning to let go doesn’t mean we go without. It keeps our focus on the fullness of God’s kingdom, actually. And it helps us keep our attachments in check. God knows what you need today just as much as God knew what you needed before. Letting go is learning to trust God’s goodness today. You will not be without.

The Lord commanded Noah to be fruitful and multiply when he came out of the ark. When we let go, that’s what we can do. We share the abundance of God with more people. We give them a chance to receive the blessing of God.

Stay blessed…john

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