Plain to see

Psalm 119:1-8

My biggest problem with American politics is Jesus. Not Jesus himself, of course. But how he gets used.

Who isn’t angered with American politics? I’d put any of my youth groups against a lot of our national politicians. They’d act with more respect and dignity than most seem capable of posturing. Who knows, they might even get something done.

Often, amidst the name calling and outright lying, there’s Jesus and the faith we profess in him on display. And it isn’t a good look at all. We elect people who use faith to convince us they’re on our side. They continue to use Christ as a prop to keep us motivated in their cause.

My apologies. I just caught up on the State of the Union and all that happens after it. It’s always the same, isn’t it? I’m the simple-minded one who thinks something will ever change.

Politics aside for now, we do need to learn to pay attention to how we use the name of Jesus. We cannot treat it as a special power or some sort of spiritual apparatus in our tool box. To use it to maintain any sense of superiority or to perpetuate abuse and hatred is evil. And to hide behind it for personal gain and advantage is idolatry.

Now, the temptation is to think it’s the other people who do that. It’s plain for me to see the blatant examples in American politics. But how good am I at seeing it in myself? That depends on how willing I am to be honest with my thoughts and attitudes. How eager am I to surround myself with people who will be honest with me about them as well?

As we walk in God’s ways, we see more where and when we get in the way. If we rely on Jesus’ name, and not just use it, we repent. And we experience the righteousness of God with new hearts.

Stay blessed…john

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