A moving prayer

Colossians 1:9-14

I still remember my first hospital visit as a pastor. Some heavy nerves tried to get to me. What should I say? How long am I supposed to stay? Why am I doing this?

When I opened the room door and saw the parishioner, a huge smile greeted me. I felt a little less nervous. Then I went on to pray for healing. I prayed for a speedy recovery and that the person would know God was with them.

“Oh, I know God’s with me,” came a reply after I finished praying. “I’m not worried about God leaving me. I’m worried about how I’m going to pay for this hospital stay!”

That experience taught me to listen more and assume less.

As Christians, that we pray for each other should be a given. But what are we praying for? Let’s say someone from church hasn’t mentioned to you they’re going through something. Assuming you’re praying for them anyway, what would be the prayer?

There are several things, of course, you could include. Blessings over their family. Peace in their hearts. If you tell me you’re praying that over me, I’ll take it!

Scripture offers suggestions as well. Ephesians 1 & 3 come to my mind first. Let’s also consider praying Colossians 1 for our church. You could make it a prayer over your entire congregation. What if you prayed Colossians 1 over one person in particular from your church every week?

It might sound like this: Lord, fill John with the knowledge of your will. Help him to live a life worthy of you. Give him faith to bear fruit as he grows closer to you. By your power, make him strong so he can endure patiently what is before him. May he have a grateful heart to you, Lord. Forgive him his sins and show him your kingdom. Amen.

Of course, you’d still have room to pray for other things, too. But imagine an entire church committing to pray that over each other. That’s a prayer that would move your church!

Stay blessed…john

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