Covering our eyes

Revelation 11:15-19

How many of us know the feeling of having to cover our eyes during a kissing scene on TV? The slightest sense of intimacy magnetized our hands to our face. And, yet,  somehow, we always knew the exact moment we could look again. Funny, though, we didn’t turn away from the eighth shooting, the drawn out stabbings or the bombings.

That was okay.

I mean, What are you going to do? You can’t protect kids from everything, right?

To be sure, there are appropriate sexual ethics for Christians. And it’s wise to guard and guide our children’s exposure to sexual matters. But are we sure that’s the only form of corruption we need to consider? I doubt many of would be.

The trouble is, we aren’t always sure what other forms of corruption there are. As a result, we limit the Bible’s and faith’s influence to simple morality. If we can cram enough moral lessons in the time our children are with us, we’ll assure they’ll turn out as good people. There are at least two issues to consider with that. The first is how it reduces scripture to be a mere morality handbook. Faith becomes more about what you do than what Christ has done. Beyond that, it doesn’t allow much room to teach our children the world’s corruptions. Even worse, how we can play right into them.

Now, if you think this is a bit exaggerative, let me remind you of a vision within Revelation.

In Revelation 11, the twenty-four elders worship God. Part of why they do is their full assurance the time is coming when God will reward the faithful. They also know there will be justice. Now, who faces such a daunting prospect? John tells us God will destroy “those who destroy the earth.” Or those who corrupt the earth.

Violence against others, greed, and power are only some of those corruptions. When we’re not careful, because we’ve all been so exposed to them, we condone them more than we realize. That’s why the Lord sent us prophets. Not just to make us moral people. Bluey can do that.

To remind us that, as Christ followers, we have a higher calling as people of righteousness and holiness.

Stay blessed…john

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