Communist churches?

I had planned to begin a D.Min program this year. My health kept from starting. Turns out, I still may not begin. I’m not sure I can justify the expense.

The program I had in mind was one led by Leonard Sweet. I’ll read anything he puts out. Just recently, I came across a book he wrote in 2001 called Carpe Mañana.

In it there’s a reference to communism as a “closed system” and closed society. Then he wrote this: Of course, other experiments in creating closed societies are ongoing, and the church is home for many of them.”

Yes, with one line he accused (recognized?) some churches of being communist! Now you can appreciate why I wanted to join his program.

A few days later, I came across this article: Closed ministry systems that are deeply dysfunction. The descriptions laid out in the article sound pretty communist to me.

So, would you agree some of our churches are communist in their approach to ministry? If so, what’s the problem with that?

Stay blessed…john

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