About Another John Dot Com

A few years ago I wanted to connect with the members and friends of the church I was serving. Sunday morning worship, joining with God’s people, is a blessing for me. I even get paid to lead it. Sunday mornings are an integral part of our faith life.

It is, however, limited. There isn’t time to talk about life. There isn’t time to enjoy life. That happens outside of our sanctuary walls. Honestly, I am not the pastor that makes you think, “Wow! How does s/he think such great, profound thoughts?” Nope. Not me.

But I do know how to share life.

When I first got the blog attack, this blog was called The Blog That Ties. I wanted to have a place to share with others what can’t always be shared on Sunday mornings. That isn’t to say that if you’re not a part of my church this blog doesn’t apply to you. This is a place where our faith, friendship and life together meets.

In that sense, this is still The Blog That Ties. Honestly, it wasn’t catchy enough for me. I never liked that title all that much. So, I thought and thought some more before finally deciding on the title Another John.

It rolls off the tongue better. It also reminds me that I am indeed just another john of the world. Believe me; this is a blessing. I don’t have to be the best john, or the one who has all the answers. I can be another faithful john.

And that is what this blog is about. You and I learning to be more faithful to the call of God on our lives. Easier said than done, but well worth the effort and a whole lot of fun

Stay blessed…another john.