I Want Jesus to Walk With Me

I led a prayer meeting through Zoom this morning. It’s something I’ve done for about six months now.

We use this resource: https://www.amazon.com/Common-Prayer-Liturgy-Ordinary-Radicals/dp/0310326192

Every week there is a centering song. This week’s was I Want Jesus to Walk With Me. In my preparation for the prayer group, I found three versions of the song to use (There were, of course, many more).

I couldn’t decide which version to use. So, I asked someone from the group to choose.

Well, I have a website. So now I can play all three 🙂

Here’s the first: https://youtu.be/SGmLVIltVg4

Here’s the second: https://youtu.be/0VsjSa1X7iA


Here’s the third: https://youtu.be/QL7rLD1H3g0

You know how to work Google. Go find me a few more great versions.

Stay blessed…john

Catching up

I was looking for a particular local Christian radio station. Since I was introduced to the station and hadn’t heard it myself, I wanted to listen in for a bit.

After a few searches, I found it online. There was a “click to listen” function.

The button didn’t work.

Well, not at first.

It was about 9pm when I first found the station on my phone. The button didn’t seem to work. So, I left it alone, and forgot about it soon thereafter.

I remembered it at 3am. That’s when a loud voice blared from my phone.

I don’t know what the issue was. Was it something on my end? Who knows?

But it did remind of one of the church’s reputation.

Ever hear how we’re pretty slow to catch up to everybody else? We let trends fly by us. By the time we’re willing to spend money on new technology, we’re a few models behind.

Even a lot of churches who boast of their contemporary music are behind. Their “contemporary” music is 20 years old.

We even let current issues escape attention.

Walking the line of new and old can be tricky. We needn’t jump on every ministry bandwagon. Not every issue a kingdom issue. But we need to be mindful of the new ways to reach the world. We can’t ignore the pains and questions of the world around us.

Too many times, however, we do.

So, how do we walk that line?

Stay blessed…john


I’ve had a website for about 15 years.

Do you know what I’ve never done a good job of doing? Backing up said website. This afternoon, that bit me good.

With one click of the mouse I erased my website.

I didn’t cry. I did sigh.

Now, I’m figuring out what I want to do to start over. That’s not always a bad thing. I hope you don’t have to endure the loss of your website, or whatever.

But take a deep breath. It’s okay to start over.

Stay blessed…john