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God’s Healing

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Yea, Moses, just grab the next snake you see and wrap him around a pole.  You might have to rip it from the heels of someone it just killed, but, you know, easy come easy go. That’s one of the texts I preached from yesterday.  It would have been easier to skip it, but then Jesus had to refer back to it, like he wanted us to try make sense of it.  In short, what I wanted to remind everyone is that God’s love endures.  Heck, with how unenduring our love…read more

Words of life

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Well, I have a heads up for the next time I preach about Jesus clearing the temple. I’m not quite sure what it is about that story, but I love it!  This was my Sunday Facebook post: I’m always holding back the urge to flip over the tables in church and kick the offering plates. But on the Sunday we read about when Jesus did that, it almost feels like the right thing to do. See you at 11am @ Shiner FUMC…this could get exciting. So, the next time this…read more

Walking With God

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I’ve been preaching from the Psalms for the last couple of weeks. That’s always a bit of a challenge. Usually, you can retell a story of Jesus or explain something Paul was trying to say. With a psalm you have to pay closer attention to what the psalmist was feeling and what may have sparked the words s/he wrote. This week I tied some of the words from Psalm 22 to our ideas of success and failure. If our self esteem is tied to how well we do (or don’t…read more