My snazzy new district

I thought it was a big deal a few years when I served in the North Texas Annual Conference.  They realigned the conference to change the number of districts and, presumably, create opportunities for more faithful ministry within the local churches.  That was the selling point.  As an outsider, I didn’t get too involved in the discussions, but remember much of the debate.  As such, don’t take this to mean a whole lot.  I felt like the biggest hurdle was the fear of such a drastic change.

That said, it’s not everyday your annual conference does something like this.

The this I’m talking about now is what my home conference, the Southwest Texas Annual Conference, is preparing for.  Next year, our conference is joining with the Rio Grande Annual Conference to form a new conference, the Rio Texas Conference.  Honestly, the new name hasn’t grown on me, yet.  I have my reasons, but, still, I’m excited about our future.

Our conference website put the following video up this morning.  In the video Bishop Dorff shares the new district alignments and the names of each one.  Currently, I’m a part of the Crossroads District.  Doesn’t that sound snazzy?

++If you are reading by email or news feeder, click here to watch the video of Bishop Dorff.++

Away we go!  Stay blessed…john

A new site

I have made the switch to WordPress.  For those of you who know what that means, you’re probably wondering, “What took you so long?”  For the rest of you, just know I’m ready to be back at the site.  It will take a while to rebuild, but I’m looking forward to joining more online dialogue.  And I hope the new site will make room for us to do that.

The old site had over 800 posts. I’m hoping this one will surpass that number.

Honestly?  I’m also hoping that having to pay for a web service is going to inspire a little more writing.  😉

Stay blessed…john