Another Word Week of May 29, 2017

I love hearing how people share these messages. Some are posted on Facebook and shared. Others are forwarded through texts to friends and family.

What Others Have Done for You

You haven’t moved through life alone. Give thanks to God for what others have been willing to do for you (Philippians 1:3).

A New You

A new you often begins with a new attitude (Ephesians 4:31).

Thankful or Envious

You can’t be thankful for what God’s given you if you’re envious of what’s been given to others (Proverbs 14:30).

What’s Stressing You

Don’t let what’s stressing you get in the way of how God’s blessing you (John 14:27).

Be Wise in Your Anger

Be wise in your moments of anger & see the difference you can make for yourself & those around you (Proverbs 29:11).

Do you do anything with these texts?
Stay blessed…john


Facebook helps us do something we should be doing already.

By now every Facebooker has seen the daily reminders of what you posted previously on this date the year before; it’s creatively labeled On This Day. It began with displaying just what you posted one year ago, I believe.  Now, it takes you back several years.

You also see who you became friends with that day and for how long you’ve been connected through Facebook.

What Facebook is doing is helping us to remember.

We need to remember what we’ve experienced, what we’ve learned, even how we’ve loved and how we’ve failed.  Remember.

Remembering is good because, in part, it reminds us that life is to be lived.  We’re a little a lot too quick to move on to whatever has grabbed our attention next.  Remembering leads to recalling, which leads to reflection, which leads to growth, which leads to wisdom, which leads to an appreciation of what our lives have been.

That’s a big part of why keeping a journal is important–it helps us remember.

Take a crack at doing 1 of 2 things:

  1. Take 5 minutes everyday to write down your thoughts about your day; creating a video journal seems like a good idea for some people.  Don’t worry if you can’t come up with deep insights.  That’s not the point.  Mention what happened with our family or at work.  Were there any particular experiences of the day?  Let you know.
  2. Take 10 minutes out of each week to do exactly what I wrote in #1, applying it to your whole week.

Now if I could just remember my cell phone password.

Stay blessed…john


Memorial Day
lives killed as they
served us.

Lives lost in service.
Their kin
still mourn their loss.
We too.

Memorial Day.
forget what was

Wet bread

Let me introduce you to Capirotada.  May you have a long, lasting relationship together.

Usually, people make this dessert during the season of Lent–coming to a church potluck near you, if you’re lucky!

You might not know how to pronounce it properly, but just know it’s a type of bread pudding.  And I’ve always liked it.  I was enjoying one night and someone with me said, “I don’t like capirotada.”  While I had heard of people not liking it, I wasn’t ready for the next statement:

I don’t like wet bread.

Me and capi have never been the same. I never thought of it as wet bread before. The only thing worse than wet bread is wet socks, but I’ve never tried to eat those. You see?  Before I called it wet bread it was okay.  Now, I’m hesitant to have any more.

The point?  Be mindful of your words.  Words paint pictures for and have an impact on people.  You don’t want to mess up someone’s dessert.  Or even their faith.

Stay blessed…john

Learn something

If you aren’t learning, what are you doing?

The writer of Ecclesiastes might say that learning is vanity, but only after he learned that to be true.

Our shortsightedness often limits our understanding of learning.  We act like learning only happens in a classroom.  We assume learning is for certain types of people.  All saints are to be learners.

What to learn?  I don’t know.  Learn a Bible passage.  Learn a language.  Learn a social skill.  Learn a trade.  Learn about a culture.  Learn how to fix something.  Learn your city’s history.  Learn your family’s history.  Learn to play or read music.

Learning, education, doesn’t have to you cost you anything.  2 words: Internet & library.

Stay blessed…john