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4 things I never thought I’d hear in church

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Old hard drives can be fun. I was scrounging for a few old documents I thought would be useful.  After an untold number of unsuccessful search  attempts I began to open random files.  I tend to be pretty organized when it comes to my computer files.  Still, nothing beats having a MISCELLANEOUS folder–oh, the things you can find. In that beloved MISC fortune I found a file entitled “what to blog about.”  It was full of all kinds of headlines I had written to share on the blog.  Some had a sentence…read more

A new site

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I have made the switch to WordPress.  For those of you who know what that means, you’re probably wondering, “What took you so long?”  For the rest of you, just know I’m ready to be back at the site.  It will take a while to rebuild, but I’m looking forward to joining more online dialogue.  And I hope the new site will make room for us to do that. The old site had over 800 posts. I’m hoping this one will surpass that number. Honestly?  I’m also hoping that having…read more