Too much awesome for one day

How great was it to have these two conversations in one day!   Just before 6am this morning, I had this conversation: Nathan: Dad, I slept great! Me: That’s good. We need rest. Nathan.  Yea, P.E. is going to be awesome. When I sleep good, I’m awesome at P.E.   After school, we took a 6-year-old friend home and I had this conversation: Me: (As I make a quick turn) Hold on to your shorts!…..

Happy Yaga Day

I’m declaring September 25th to forever more be Yaga Day.  First, maybe you should know a bit about what Yaga is: In 1986, a small retail store on Galveston Island, off the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico, set the stage for an original t-shirt line that was spawned from the influence of the Caribbean West Indies. Founder Joe Flores, a native Galvestonian, was also inspired by an island vagrant who always greeted…..

I hope this is around forever

I heard it’s important to understand that any picture you put on the Internet has the capability of being there forever.  Yes, we need to understand that any photo can be seen, shared, downloaded, re-seen or even mutated into the Internet’s next great meme.  On one side, that is a caution to our young friends who are so quick to get their phones out to capture every moronic scene from last night’s escapade with friends.  Potential bosses can…..