My wish for Beth Moore

I’ve read one or two Beth Moore resources over th

For the last several years, I’ve followed Beth Moore online.

Before that, you couldn’t call me a fan or devotee. I didn’t have much connection to her material.

Online, I’ve appreciated her candor about many things. Since I don’t have a solid grasp of what her theology is/was, it could be that I missed this kind of transparency from her.

From what I gather, the Trump era brought much of this out into the open.
I say that because many people admired her and bought her books before.

Her openness and her willingness to call into question a few people and issues generated a lot of pushback against her. A lot. Some of it is downright evil.

Today, that will escalate further.

News came out March 9 that she is parting ways with her denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. Her decision stems from the denomination’s handling (or not handling) of issues like race relations and sexism.

I’m writing today to encourage people of faith to remember our witness. She isn’t the only person to feel the brunt of imperious Internet users. The reality is that many people face the kind of vile contempt she has and will continue to see.

It’s the reason I stopped reading comments on Christian articles. I couldn’t stand to read what professing Christians were willing to write about each other.

Who are we?

For the love of God, my wish for Beth Moore and the rest of the world is for Christians to stop being jerks.

Stay blessed…john