Why do we still need sermons?

I didn’t have nice initial thoughts when I first heard about holy ghost writing. I had to chill out. The church doesn’t need a weekly stand up performance. We need to hear God speaking to our hearts.

E29 Should “Christian” Mean “Family Friendly”

Movie night for youth group has always been too complicated an issue.

For the most part, if it’s totally appropriate it’s boring. If it’s engaging, there’s too many fast-forward moments to remember.

Then we’ll just watch Shrek.

Of course, the issue is a little more nuanced than that. But it does bring up a good question: Should Christian content always be family friendly?

What does family friendly even mean? For that matter, what does Christian mean?

That’s what we’re talking about in this week’s podcast.

Stay blessed…john

E27 Psychic Numbing in Church

I’m processing the fact that the US surpassed 500,000 Covid-related deaths over the weekend.

I’ve had family members endure having the virus. I’ve known friends who have passed away from it.

How do you respond to a number like that?

I couldn’t help talk about it on this week’s podcast.

Stay blessed…john