Why husbands should make the bed

There’s a simple reason you, Mr. Husband, should be making your bed everyday. Depending on the number of throw pillows you’ve acquired, making the bed takes approximately 1.5 minutes.  Yes, I’ve timed it.  Now, I’m not suggesting a simple gesture of your willingness to pull your weight around the house.  If you want to do that, take care of the dishes or run the vacuum (without being asked!). No, I have something much more meaningful in mind……

No recording

We don’t always get knocks on the door during church finance meetings, but when we do I’m quick to answer.  I figure I’ll leave all the finance fun to everyone else. Last night was one of those nights.  I answered the knock and the woman at the door said she lived behind our church.  Last night someone brazenly walked up to their back porch and stole their generator.  She and her husband, who stood at the foot…..

A prayer after a stressful day.

I hope you never have to use a prayer like this.  But, let’s be honest, you will.  When that day comes, I hope the prayer behind these words (not just the words of the prayer) ushers God’s presences into your chaos. Waiting   God of Peace that surpasses understanding, your power has silenced storms and moved mountains. Today, though, I feel like I am the one who has been moved. The stress of today has…..