Which is worse?

Our church met for Zoom Bible study last night. I vary what we study and even how. Sometimes we’ll make use of a curriculum. Other times I’ll go verse by verse.

Most times, though, we take time to study the sermon text from the previous Sunday worship.

I’m not a Bible verse-by-verse preacher. So, the set-apart time is helpful because I get to share what I learned and hear from others as well.

At this week’s study, we looked at Mark 8:27-38.

This is when Jesus asks the disciples two questions: 1) Who do people say that I am? and 2) Who do you say that I am?

That’s a preacher’s dream text. It almost preaches itself.

I asked our group to reflect on a question of my own. Some people thought of Jesus as John the Baptist, Elijah or one of the prophets. But they did not think of him as Messiah, apparently. Peter professed that Jesus was the Messiah, but rebuked Jesus because of the kind of messiah he would be.

So, which was worse: thinking Jesus was as powerful as other biblical figures, but not Messiah or calling him Messiah, but not believing he was the “right” kind?

Stay blessed…john

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