Focusing on a beginning

Revelation 6:1-7:4
My take on the end times is pretty boring. Whatever will happen will happen. And it hasn’t happened yet even though many people said it would.

Today, we’re thinking about the book of Revelation, specifically the seven seals in chapter six. Even if I believed Revelation was pointing to specific future events and circumstances, it’s not fun for me to try to decipher them. I’d run the risk of accusing people of things only to fit my perception of what is happening. How can I see the image of God within people, if I’m overly eager to create a devil within them?

I went to bed last night after reading a thought from a modern theologian. It’s a helpful reflection to read with Revelation. “Too many Christians want to change the world not because they love the world but because they hate the world.” Let me remind you God doesn’t hate the world. Because God so loved the world, the Son of God came to save it. We often mistake the certainty of God’s judgement as a sign of God’s desire to get rid of us.

Well, not us, right? Other people. God is, obviously, pleased with us.

The seven seals tell us of God’s authority and dominion. Christ has opened the seals only because he is worthy to do so. So, what do they mean? Well, consider the question, Why has every generation thought it was the last? Because the signs of the first four seals are generic: war, famine and death. Every generation endures them.

Now, if we see their universal nature, we understand John’s vision better. Instead of trying to decide what current events Revelation speaks to, look at the rest of the seals. When we do, we realize God is waiting. The Lord is waiting for the number of saints to increase. That reminds me of the lesson of 2 Peter 3:9. That God doesn’t want any to perish. Through every generation’s peril, God desires more people to know the love of Christ.

And if that’s so important to God, maybe it should be more important to us. If it is, let’s take our lead from God. God’s way of saving the world was through love, compassion and sacrifice. Instead of focusing on the end of the world, let’s focus on helping others begin a life with God.

Stay blessed…john

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