That’s better

Proverbs 15:13-17

I agree with the old bumper sticker that read “Life is good.” If more of us would slow down to take in more of its goodness, we’d be less stressed and worried about things.

That said, as good as life is, it can be better.

Now, I don’t say that with ambition or discontent. We’ll never be whole if we’re never satisfied. So, I’m not suggesting we go all out to try to fill our lives with what culture might tell us is better. Instead, I offer that to you as wisdom from scripture.

Better is a word of wisdom. It’s repeated several times in the book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. As good as something in life may be, when we learn God’s wisdom, it becomes better. So, life is not made better by what we have or even what we work for. Proverbs often points us in a different direction. We discover the better side of life by allowing God’s wisdom to guide us.

To be sure, the choice is ours.

For example, some of us (many of us) would rather choose a life filled with “great treasure and trouble with it” (Proverbs 15:16). We decide that’s what we want over a life that has “little with the fear of the Lord.” While having the treasure seems more than worth it to us, Wisdom says the little-filled life is better. Likewise, only having enough for a simple meal served with love is better than the finest feast coupled with hate.

I suspect we believe that to be true. But we often work and arrange our lives otherwise. Wisdom challenges us, but she doesn’t force us to follow her. Part of her challenge to us is to reorder our lives according to the better life God desires for us. 

To be sure, better might take sacrifice. It will require change. Better might even feel uncomfortable at first. But, if we trust God’s wisdom, the choice will be worth it.

Stay blessed…john

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