Things I’ve seen

Habakkuk 3:17-19

Until I began writing this, I hadn’t realized how much insurance commercials are a part of our culture. There’s Flo and her team. Mayhem is hilarious. Without saying their name, you know what company I’m thinking of if I ask, “Are you in good hands?” Then there’s the gecko, the duck and the camel.

And I’m sure once a day I repeat a hilarious line from one commercial: Liberty, biberty.

But I want you to think of the Farmers Insurance commercials for a moment. Their tagline is “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” As the horrible stories play out in their commercials their spokesperson isn’t phased. There isn’t anything that happens to a customer that moves him off track. He’s seen so many things before, anything new just reminds him of how they’ve overcome.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our faith, is learning to pay attention to how God “works.” That is, how God blesses us with peace, assurance, mercy and grace. It’s worth the effort to journal your walk with God to remember later how you felt in the moment. Do what helps you best recall everything you’d want to share with someone else years later about the goodness of God.

There’ll be moments when all you’ve experienced with and learned about the Lord will carry you. Trying times can be edifying times as you learn to look back on God’s faithfulness. No, that doesn’t make what you’re about to go through any less difficult. I don’t mean to tell you it’s not that bad.

It may be that bad and more! But what have you seen the Lord do?

The prophet Habakkuk knew his people had trouble in front of them. Babylon was going to be a deadly experience. And yet, the prophet was willing to trust in who he understood God to be.

In light of such a horrible experience, who does that? Those who have seen how good God is.

Stay blessed…john

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