Revelation 22:6-7; 18-20

I remember someone writing “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Christians should be readers, too. 

Our reading expands our imagination which helps us think with more creativity. The more we read the better we can understand differing perspectives and opinions. And that’s not saying anything about all we can learn from the world in our reading.

I took part in an elementary school reading event last week. The school librarian had printed some notes for me to make sure to share with the students. She told me she needs all the help she can get to encourage kids to read.

If children are a part of your world, let them see you read.

Now, what does this have to do with our faith in Jesus? The final words of Revelation emphasize its written word. It’s a repeated theme of the Bible: do not add to or remove from what you read in the book. The Lord wants all people to hear the same message of faithfulness and trust. If we change the book, how can they be obedient to God?

The assumption in that commandment is that the saints will read the book. Most generations heard Revelation read. That’s still an important practice today, but a different conversation.

How many saints today do not read the Bible? How many of them say it’s hard to understand? When I dig a little more, a lot of those same Christians don’t have trouble reading the Bible. They just don’t like the reading. They’d rather watch the movie or new tv series.

Let me encourage you to read the Bible more and to read more period. Considering the benefits we mentioned before, make reading a spiritual discipline. Oh, there’s another word we don’t like. But that’s how we wait patiently for the return of Christ.

Consider this next point also. The more you read, the more you have to pass on to newer Christians. Plus, how will we know if anyone adds or takes away from the promises of God if we aren’t even reading them to begin with?

Stay blessed…john

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