God knows our fears

Jeremiah 1:4-10

Our excuses tend to be our fears disguised. We may pretty them up as justifiable reasons to back out, but they’re not. They’re lazy alibis. Most times, we know that. It may be a relief that we’ve fooled others. Then again, there are many times, we’ve only managed to fool ourselves.

Now, I’m compelled to make sure you know I don’t mean you’re supposed to do everything everyone tells you. You’re not. We shouldn’t even do everything that comes to our minds. Some things are silly and wasteful, prideful and unfaithful.

But when it comes to the things God asks of us, we can let our fears go. If our faith is that our lives are in the hands of God Almighty, what are we still afraid of? If God is for us and no one can stand against us, why worry? Trusting that God is directing path should squash our fears. God’s not leading you anywhere God won’t be with you!

God told Jeremiah he would be a prophet to the nations. That is, he would be God’s mouthpiece to the world. What was Jeremiah’s excuse? I do not know how to speak. I’m only a boy.

Note how the Lord saw through his fear. God went on to tell the prophet-to-be, “Do not be afraid of them” (4:8). Jeremiah knew how to speak. He was old enough. But he was scared.

God knew.

God knows.

God always knows. 

When it comes to communion with God, what are your favorite excuses? Does the choir not sing your favorite songs? Is the game on? Did you forget church was on Sundays? Does learning to be in holy conversation with other saints make you uncomfortable? The best excuse many of us use is “that’s between me and the Lord.”

God knows what you’re afraid of. But God doesn’t change the calling. Maybe it’s time to stand more firm in the trust you have in God’s power. However feeble it may feel, more and more, it will grow stronger and begin to cloud your fears.

Stay blessed…john

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