Where to get pan dulce

Psalm 121

Last weekend, I used donuts as a sermon illustration. While I didn’t count, I suspect the word donut came out about twenty times. If you didn’t hear the message, I promise the donuts had a point. And I figured those who would hear it would have donuts on their mind. So, we had an array of donuts after worship for everyone to enjoy.

Last night, I got a related request. Someone asked if this weekend’s message could include pan dulce.

Let me tell you, when you want pan dulce you know where to go. Most people have their place. It’s the best tasting. It’s the freshest quality. I asked other people at the gathering where they get their pan dulce. There were a dozen answers. Most of us get the same pan dulce. Empanadas are my favorite. You just get them from different places.

But you know where you go!

If we know where to go for simple (though delicious) things, do we know where to go for more serious things? I almost feel silly writing this. There will be points during this weekend’s message I feel silly saying it. We’re the church. We’re God’s people. It’s almost too basic to say that we look to God, our God for help.

Why wouldn’t we? Where else would we look? That last question deserves more attention because we can look to others places, can’t we?

Many times, we do. We look to ourselves. We look to others who have our envy. We look to people we deem successful or prosperous. We look at who has the most intriguing promises. We look to power and control. Wasn’t all that part of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness?

It’s ours, too. Jesus knew Psalm 121 just like you do. But he still had to decide where his help would come from, truly. And so do we.

Stay blessed…john

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