I can’t help it

Acts 9:19-20

Like I’ve told my congregations, my junior high career explorer test said I’d make a good bartender. That stills makes me laugh. But, in a lot of ways, it checks out. Don’t bartenders commit to serving? They also are notorious for being good listeners. Cleanliness is important to them, too.

Now, I never pursued that career. But I do see how some of the traits that would’ve made me a great bartender have helped me serve God’s church. Years ago, as I was discovering my call, I wrote a brief church newsletter article. You remember those? I don’t recall what I wrote about, but something someone said about it stuck with me. He was a pastor and mentor to me. He said, “You can’t help but preach, can you?”

I’ve never been sure if that was a compliment or not.

But he was right.

I didn’t know it, but I was preaching when I worked at Walmart and as a telemarketer. Looking back I can see myself being a faithful presence to the students I worked with in the schools. I even remember making a faith illustration out of a copy machine when I worked repairing them.

All that to say, God prepares you for what you’re called to do. At times, you may not feel prepared. But you are. Yes, there’s always more for you to learn and understand. So, keep learning and watch how that prepares you more.

I’m thinking back because I’ve come upon several milestones lately. Last week, our podcast reached its 100th episode. We’ve talked a lot about Jesus in that time! In just under two weeks from today, it’ll be ten years since I first sent out a daily text message. I still can’t believe that’s carried on this long. And today is the 1,000th edition of Another Note.

Now, let me be the first to tell you. There are other clergy more thoughtful, knowledgeable and insightful than me. Plenty of them! But God’s prepared me for the ministry I have, much the same way I know God has prepared you.

Be thankful for how God uses your life to be a blessing and stick with it until the Lord tells you otherwise!

Friend, thanks for reading and listening.

Stay blessed…john

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