Eyes on me

No lie.

No exaggeration.

I had never seen someone’s eyes get that big before. No, I wasn’t in the habit of going to the doctor. I’m not sure why I was there that day. The nurse took my blood pressure and that’s when her eyes almost exploded. “Sir, that’s hiiiigh,” she said. She checked it two more times, just to be sure. The doctor even checked it himself.

I think she thought I might join the afterlife right then and there.

That was a few years ago, and when I decided to take my health more seriously.

Now, who knew I’d get cancer later on, but we’re beating that. Today, I went for a checkup and the doctor said, my blood pressure was like a teenager’s.

I never made biiiig changes. But I did begin to pay attention to what I ate and tried to be more active. I’m taking medication, too, which has actually been cut in half.

If I can make a drastic difference in my health, you probably can as well.

Stay blessed…john

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