4 things I never thought I’d hear in church

Old hard drives can be fun.

I was scrounging for a few old documents I thought would be useful.  After an untold number of unsuccessful search  attempts I began to open random files.  I tend to be pretty organized when it comes to my computer files.  Still, nothing beats having a MISCELLANEOUS folder–oh, the things you can find.

In that beloved MISC fortune I found a file entitled “what to blog about.”  It was full of all kinds of headlines I had written to share on the blog.  Some had a sentence or two to serve as a reminder or springboard.  Most of them were just ideas.  Most were just simple, digital brainstorming.  Some were worth pursuing.

There was one that saddened me because I couldn’t remember anything that I suppose at one time I figured I would remember forever.  How I wish I could provide answers to the questions I bet you’ll have.

Words I never thought I’d hear in a worship service

  1. B***H
  2. Wussy
  3. PooPoo
  4. Divine Sperm


Needless to say, I’ve met some interesting church folk!

What have you heard in church lately that you hope to never forget?

Stay blessed…john


+picture credit: morguefile.com


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