A non-guilty Lent

I don’t recall where I was speeding hurrying to get, but I had been listening to the song Christ is Mine by CityAlight when I realized my gas tank wasn’t going to get me there.  Determined to find a place $.02 lower per gallon, I skipped a few gas stations before I finally stopped.

As I entered the parking lot and pulled alongside the pump, the bridge of the song hit me:

Come, rejoice now, O my soul
For his love is my reward
Fear is gone and hope is sure
Christ is mine forever!

Maybe you should listen to the song, too.

I had heard that song countless times before because I love CityAlight.  We’ve sang a few of their songs at worship in our church.  But there was something at that moment that brought me to tears.  Okay, not a full-on ugly cry, but a swelling in my eyes that was coupled with a smile on my face.

It had to be a gift from God.

It’s been a while since I’ve ditched the overly somber observance of Lent.  Yes, it is a time of repentance and reflection.  And I do those.  But I’ve learned that guilt isn’t a gift from God.  Jesus never said, “Repent and feel guilty about what you’re repented about.”  Rather, with repentance, God gives joy and peace.

In that moment that was something I received.

I hope Lent is a time you can experience those gifts as well.

Stay blessed…john

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