A prayer after a stressful day.

I hope you never have to use a prayer like this.  But, let’s be honest, you will.  When that day comes, I hope the prayer behind these words (not just the words of the prayer) ushers God’s presences into your chaos.



God of Peace that surpasses understanding,

your power has silenced storms and moved mountains.

Today, though, I feel like I am the one who has been moved.

The stress of today has been overwhelming.


I wanted to be strong, but found I was weak.

Tension and worry filled too much of my day.

May your enduring love be strength enough for my worn out soul.

How does one day have so much power on me?


Your hands have calmed storms much bigger than mine, Lord.

Help me to know that you will bring me calmness.

When I begin to already worry about tomorrow,

remind me you are already there, waiting.



Stay blessed…john

+picture credit: morguefile.com

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