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I move around a bit.  You’ve probably heard that about Methodist pastors like me.  We move because we’re told it’s best for the church.  Let me go on record as saying I believe that.  Still, when you first get the news you’re moving to a new place you sometimes wonder things like, “They want me to go where?”  Well, at least that was my first thought when I first moved to Bandera, TX.

Oh, you didn’t know Bandera is the Cowboy Capital of the World?  Neither did I.  Talk about fish out water.  I’m probably as far from a cowboy as you can get.  I wondered how I could fit in, and, more importantly, how I could do a faithful job in the church.  Long story short, the people of Bandera were great–still are!  Our family was welcomed and loved beyond our best expectations.  I was always trying to think of ways to connect with this great people outside of the usual Sunday morning gatherings.

Eventually, I decided to start a blog so I could talk about what was happening at church, share thoughts I had about our faith, brag on my family and/or the Eagles or Spurs and connect to this great community that had welcomed us.  When I first got the blog attack, this site was called The Blog That Ties.  Honestly, it wasn’t catchy enough. I never liked that title. So, I finally deciding on Another John.  It rolls off the tongue better. It also reminds me I am just another john of the world. Believe me; this is a blessing. I don’t have to be the best john, or the one who has all the answers. I can be another john and be okay with that.

Along the way, the site has picked up readers from all over, including the other great churches we ave been able to serve since moving from the Cowboy Capital of the World.  Whaddup, ShinerOak Haven, Edinburg, MercedesEl Buen Pastor?!  And that is what this blog is about: You and I learning to be more faithful to God.

Easier said than done, but well worth the effort and a whole lot of fun.

There are several ways to keep up with anotherjohn.com.

  • You could get in the habit of typing that address in your browser’s address bar; that would designate you as a top notch anotherjohn.com reader.
  • Then again you can subscribe to receive email updates of all the latest posts. Just think about it, a free copy of anotherjohn.com sent to you and your email account—priceless.
  • The blog is on Facebook.  I often share a lot of stuff that doesn’t make it here.  So, it’s worth your LIKE.
  • Finally, you can subscribe to the feed in your favorite news reader.  Well, I supposed the final way would be tattoo the site to your forearm.

Is there anything I’m leaving off that you are just dying to know? I probably left it off for a reason. Still, you can ask. Follow me on Twitter (@RevJohnFletcher), and keep up with my church on Instagram (@KelseyMemorialUMC)and on Facebook . Finally, a disclaimer I think I am supposed to make. What you read here is mine all mine (muhahahaha). It should be noted that my less-than-exemplary opinions reflect me and my less-than-exemplary self, not my less-than-exemplary denomination or church. Did that come out right?

Stay blessed…another john.

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