All under one roof

One of the first things we learned about Shiner is that baseball is a big deal.  Yes, everyone told us about the beer first, but baseball wan’t very far behind.  So, it didn’t take Nathan long to catch baseball fever after moving here.  And since we hadn’t learned all there was to do in our new home yet, he was able to convince The Fletcher Five to go to the baseball field in town to run the bases, hit a few balls and basically melt in the July heat.

I kept up with the three kids, but was more than ready for a water break.  Lovely Mrs. Fletcher had brought water for me and some for everyone else.  It evaporated in our mouths.  One daughter in partiuclar was very thirsty and asked the other for some of her water.  “Come on,” she asserted, “we’re supposed to help each other.  Jesus said so.”

YES!  My daughter had heard and was putting into practice the “whatever you did for the least of these” stuff Jesus said, albeit in reverse.  Truthfully, I wasn’t prepared for the next line.

The other daughter replied, “Yes, but Jesus also told the story about the Ten Bridesmaids.  The foolish ones weren’t prepared!”

It was a great moment, but I quickly realized I was raising a Democrat and Republican under one roof.  That’s why I think this video is hilarious; this may be me calling in one day.  I can only imagine some of our future holiday dinners.

++If you’re reading by email or news reader, click here to watch the video.++

Stay blessed…john

 +Picture credits: morgue file 1 & 2

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