Beneath, behind & beyond

Most people who have ever heard me preach can tell that I love to preach.  Most people don’t know, however, that I love to teach even more.

Yes, the two are related, but preaching is limited in its function.

There’s an interaction when you teach that you cannot have when you preach, at least the way our preaching has developed.  When most people listen to me preach, that’s what they do, listen.  Some people barely do that 🙂  There is little room to engage, ask questions and unpack ideas further.

When I’m teaching, I get a chance to do all that, and more.  In fact, I plan for that to happen every time I teach.

Teaching gives me a chance to do what this video does.

++If you’re reading by email or news reader, click here to watch The True Story Of Andy’s Dad & Woody’s Origin.++

Most Toy Story enthusiasts  have wondered about Andy’s family and where Woody came from.  What I hope you saw from the video is that there’s a story behind the story.

And that’s exactly what I love about teaching the Bible and faith.  I get to show people the story that lies beneath, behind and beyond the story they see.  That’s what I want people to experience from Bible study.  That’s what Bible study, Sunday school teachers and class leaders should prepare to do when they teach.

So, what parts of the Bible story do you have questions about?

Stay blessed…john

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