Recently, I was asked to help build engagement around an existing Facebook page.

If you don’t know, one of the first stats to look at when it comes to evaluating a Facebook page is the number of page LIKEs.  The page I was asked to contribute to had approximately 345–a very modest number.  My first goal was to reach 400 by the end of the weekend.

It didn’t happen.  In fact, the page barely got to 400 LIKEs tonight, just over 3 weeks after I began my work with the page.

Today, before we hit the 400 milestone, I went to share some pictures of a recent event and noticed the page was at 396.  My thought was to figure out how to get 4 more to be at 400.

Facebook had a message for me. This isn’t verbatim, but it essentially read: Great job with the page; you’re almost to 500 LIKEs.

Did you see that?

Facebook helped me look beyond where I thought I needed to be.

We need that from people sometimes, don’t we?  It’s easy to get comfortable with what’s right in front of us.  Don’t be afraid, though, to have people willing and able to keep you thinking of what is beyond.  What is next?  You can’t always see it, but other people can.

Stay blessed…john

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