Having the Confidence of Jesus

February 12, 2020
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John 8:12-30
What made Jesus so confident in the face of persecution and turmoil?

Of course, being the Son of God doesn’t hurt. But I think we can see something more practical in how Jesus lived.

In John 8, Jesus is teaching in the temple. Pharisees have challenged him about his claims. They say his witness is not true because he does not have someone to testify on his behalf. 

From there, Jesus goes back and forth with the religious leaders. His witness, he says, is God the Father. 

God is with him. God sent him. 

That alone could be enough for anyone to be confident. When you know who has your back, there’s a sense of security and direction that is hard to shake. “Surely the righteous will never be shaken,” the psalmist said confidently.

So, we might suggest that was enough for Jesus, but there’s more. 

The Pharisees Jesus interacts with that day do not understand what Jesus means. He says it is because they are “from beneath” and he is “from above.” That is a striking condemnation. These are the religious leaders of the people of God. How can they be from below? And what does Jesus mean by that?

With as much as we probably should say about it, I’ll just include today that it means their minds are not truly on God. They may speak the language and do all the right things, but their hearts are far from God. 

Do we think it is any less possible for that to be true today?

In this passage we’re looking at Jesus says something twice. He affirms that, however confusing it may sound to some people, what he speaks is what he has heard from God. God the Father has taught Jesus and spoken to him the things he is to know and share.

I believe that’s where Jesus gets his confidence from. Knowing that what he spoke was God’s wisdom and power. 

And I believe you and I can have the same kind of confidence.

How many people in the church are fearful of giving a testimony? How many people shy away from praying with other people? Statistics I read seem to mirror my experience that not many of us in the church feel comfortable talking about Jesus to people who are not Christian. 

I don’t mean to suggest you’ll have all the knowledge Jesus did. You won’t have the answer to every question you have yourself or hear from other people. But you can have the same confidence of Jesus.

After all, like Jesus, we are sent by God. Remember, you can’t spell God without first spelling go. We go into the world as reconciliation ambassadors. Just like God prepared Jesus, God prepares us.

Now, you do have to be willing to hear from God.

Are you reading the Bible? Are you in worship? Are you praying with the church? Fasting? If not, how else do you expect to hear what God wants you to know?

Stay blessed…john

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