The 10 Commandment Challenge

How about a simple, fun way to help your youth learn the 10 Commandments? Okay, some of you adults will love this, too.

Here’s what we did in my Sunday school class this weekend to spark thoughtful discussions about what the 10 Commandments mean for us today.


  • 10 Commandment flashcards.  I’m sure some company makes a buck off selling these.  I printed some on card stock.  The kids thought the Hebrew-looking font was cool.  Each team needs a stack with each commandment.
  • Dry erase/chalk board w/erasers.  You can use a Post-It easel pad, too–whatever you have available that is easy to erase.
  • Markers/chalk
  • Prize (Optional) I’ve included a picture of our prize at the bottom of this post.  Include a prize for each player or a group prize.
  • Video  You don’t need to show the video.  You just need to know how to teach the class how to remember the Ten Commandments using their 10 fingers. Here’s 1 video.

Before the game

Teach the class how to remember the Ten Commandments using their 10 fingers.  The 10-finger method is fun and easy to remember.  When you explain it, make it easy and fun!  I went through this step quickly because I knew the group might not remember it the first time, or give it all their attention.  That’s okay.

Rules of the game

Let the group know they’re playing a game of Pictionary. Form 2  teams (or however) to play.  Have them arrange themselves in any order they like; they must keep this order throughout the game.  Since there are only 10 guesses, you need to alter the Pictionary rules a bit.  Explain they need to remember 1-1-1.

  • Each player gets 1 minute to draw a 10 Commandment from the stack of flash cards.  Each group has a stack with each of the 10 Commandments.
  • If s/he doesn’t think they can draw the commandment they receive, they have the option of passing to the next commandment, but only 1 time.  If a player passes, they must go with the second commandment they receive.
  • The next teammate in line has to guess which commandment is being drawn.  The catch is that they only get 1 guess.

If the guessing teammate answers correctly, put the commandment aside, and allow that teammate to take their turn to draw the next commandment.  If their guess is incorrect, put the commandment back in the stack and let that teammate take their turn to draw the next commandment.

The goal of the game is to be the first team to correctly guess all 10 Commandments.

Ready to play

Once you have explained the rules, right before they are ready to play, quickly repeat the 10-finger reminder.  You’ll notice they’ll be paying a little more attention this time.  It’s on now!

My class enjoyed the game.  They were using their fingers to remember the commandments.  It was fast paced and a lot of fun.  I gave the winning team the honor of hoisting the 10 Commandment 10-Finger trophy.


Give it a try, and let me know how it went.

Stay blessed…john

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