Cowboys for a night

Our youth group hosts a taco breakfast every Sunday morning in order to raise money for summer camp.  They attend camp in Sacramento, NM.

It had been a while that I noticed a slump in attendance at the breakfast.  Consequently, the amount of money they raised every week decreased, too.  After they would work all morning, they would come to Sunday School and I would ask them how much they made.  Disappointed, they would tell me they made ~$30.

I wanted to find a way to boost their morale and help them out more.

The idea came while watching a Sunday NFL game.  A commercial that featured the Salvation Army kettle caught my attention.  I had already decided I was going to volunteer to ring the bell this year.  Then it hit me!

I have followed the Eagles since the 1980s.  All these Cowboys fans around me are so confused.  “Why would you like the Eagles?”

Randall Cunningham, Seth Joyner, Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Mean Green. Those are good reasons.

Everyone knows I’m an Eagles fan.

So, I decided to put our sports enthusiasm to the test.  If the church could help the youth raise $1,000 in one month (4 Sundays), I would ring the bell, like I had originally intended, but while wearing any Cowboys gear they provided.  Game on!

Well, they raised $1,001.  The extra dollar was just to make sure.  So, the church came through and I followed through.

Eagles fan posing for Salvation Army

What this picture doesn’t show is the foam finger and Cowboys flag I was presented with.  It was a fun night.  Several people from church stopped by to support what we were doing.  A lot of pictures were taken.  It was fun, but next year I’m going to have to raise the amount!  #FlyEaglesFly

Stay blessed…john

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