Good sexual ethics start with this

Leave it to me to wait until the absolute latest to participate in a mandatory clergy sexual ethics training.  It wouldn’t have mattered what the training would have been; I still probably would have been one of the last ones.  At least there were about 20 others in my boat.

I don’t know what you think a training about clergy sexual ethics includes, but I’ve been to a few and I was sure I knew.

This time, however, I was surprised.  The often repeated element of the training was self care.

That’s right, clergy do the best job of protecting the sacred trust given to them by ensuring proper care of their own spiritual and emotional well being.  That means, among other things, taking sabbath and actually resting.  It includes spending more time with family; no, the ministry doesn’t need you 24/7.  Find a hobby.  Find a spiritual director.  Go to counseling.  Check yourself (before you wreck yourself and others).

I’ve been thinking about that all week.  It was a great reminder, and I’m sure it’s not just clergy that need to be reminded to care for themselves.  What are you doing for self care?

Stay blessed…john

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  1. Keith, Or revise the sexual ethics and ordination sections of the BOD by taking away the politically charged, offensive to progressives language by including everyone — then vote. 1. Replace the term homosexuality with sexual immorality. 2. Of course, keep the language on Christian marriage as only that between a man and a woman. 3. Define sexual immorality as all sexual activities outside that of consensual in a Christian marriage. 4. State that the practice of sexual immorality is incomparable with Christian teachings. 5. State that clergy candidates and clergy must be celibate in singleness and faithful in marriage. Can’t imagine getting less than a 90% favorable vote.

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