He better be joking

One of my comments in this weekend’s message, Interesting Places to Worship, was that we, as God’s people, should stop going to church.

We considered the story from Daniel 3 of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego.  You may remember that the three young men were threatened by King Nebuchadnezzar because they did not bow down and worship his over-sized golden statue.  There defense was no defense at all.  They just weren’t going to worship anyone or anything other than God.

You’ve probably seen this before: Stop going to church. Start being the church.  I agree with that, but my take was a little different. 

Essentially, going to church has become the end all of ministry.  We’re so desperate just to get people to go to church.   We’re even comfortable just going to church ourselves.

And there you have it.

The 3 young men understood what their worship was, and we need to as well.  So, instead of going to church, let’s learn how to stand in awe of God.  Stop inviting people to go to church with you.  Invite them to experience the grace and love of God.

I didn’t mean to preach to you again, but I wanted to make sure you understood what I meant when I said we should stop going to church.

There was one young soul that may have needed a bit more time to think about what I meant.  When I first said we should stop going to church, a young girl in our congregation raised her head in disbelief.  She scowled and declared, “He better be joking.  We’re supposed to go to church.”


Thankfully, we’ll have more time to continue to train her in the way she should go.

Oh, and if a visual reminder of the story of Daniel 3 is helpful, how about this one:
++If you’re reading by email or news reader, click here to watch.++

Stay blessed…john

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