How excited would you be?

A few weeks ago something great happened to one of the Fletcher Five. Brittani got her first job. We were all excited for her and proud that she has since taken her responsibility seriously.

The best part for her came about two weeks later. Yes, that first paycheck brought all kinds of smiles.

Then another first happened. This one was even more impressive, at least to this dad. Sometimes I don’t get to see everything that happens in church on Sunday mornings. That’s most true with our church’s tech crew; most of them are youth. They control everything from a balcony. It’s become common practice during the offering for them to let it rain cash from the skies during offering. They pick an unsuspecting usher, usually the younger one, and drop their offering into the plate from their place in the balcony.

Well, two weeks ago, Brittani dropped her offering into the plate. This time, however, it wasn’t a few dollars her parents gave her. It wasn’t some change she found around the house. What she dropped from the balcony was her first tithe.

During lunch that Sunday she told me how excited she was to be able to do that. You better believe I asked her to take up this week’s offering and share that little story. She worried it might come across as bragging, but I encouraged to tell it anyways. People are going to think whatever they think. What I hoped they would hear was her excitement.

My initial thought was, “A child shall lead them…” And my hope was that maybe we could learn to give with excitement.

Stay blessed…john

P.S. What was your first job?

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