I want to write a devotional

When I first began to take my faith seriously, I used The UpperRoom a lot.  I would read the day’s devotional, and I had older copies that I would read through constantly.  The devotional helped me think about everyday life as being holy, and to look out for the sacred around me.

After a while, I had a goal–not quite a dream or an aspiration or a longing.

The goal was to write an UpperRoom devotional.  If it was good enough I might even get my picture printed in the month’s edition.

I wanted to because I noticed that my faith was deepening and God was teaching me things I was able to share with others.

Well, I never got a devotional published; I never submitted any, which is wrong because I had a nice bio pic.  No, those devotionals turned into Sunday school illustrations, youth talks, sermon points and testimonies.  Then I started blogging.  Then I became a pastor.

See?  God has the ability to take what you want to do and use it for what you need to be doing.

If it’s God’s goal or God’s dream, keep at it.  You’ll find direction as you keep seeking God’s will.

Stay blessed…john

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