It’s not an underdog story

If it were at all possible to fall asleep during your own sermon, anyone at my church would have found out this past weekend.  Our family celebrated a birthday with a big party Saturday night, and I was beyond beat by Sunday morning.  Still, I preach, therefore, I am.  So, tired eyes and all, I preached.

This was a great Sunday for our church.  For one thing, we had 100 people in attendance, which is a big deal for us.  Our young people led us in singing praises to God.  All that and we even finished seconds before noon.  There is a God!

Our sermon reminded us that neither Moses or the people of God are at the center of the Exodus story. Certainly, Pharaoh was not the central figure either.  No, this is God’s story and it’s about what God will do for and through his people.

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Stay blessed…john




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