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It’s been annoyingly repeated too much: there is no such thing as a dumb question. I stopped believing that lie years ago!

Within everything we do, there is an important task of asking questions. There is also an art of learning to ask the right questions, or the right kinds of questions.

Forbes, in a recent article, offered an example of a great question.

Think about looking for your next perfect job. That’s the context of the article. The first question people often have when discerning a career move or a new job is, “Is this the right job for me?”

Basic, right? That question would lead to other questions, hopefully.

Here’s Forbes’ better question: Do I want to be exactly like the people who work here?

If I were to ask myself that question, imagine what I would have to pay attention to. Think about what I would be looking at in a potential place of employment.

I wonder if, on some level, people ask that kind of question of church. If a friend invites them to a church, they have to make a decision that mirrors the idea of that question. In other words, is their friend the kind of person they want to go to church with?

What are the attitudes people notice of your church? What are the impressions your church makes to someone new? Would someone new want to be like anyone you picked out of your congregation?

Stay blessed…john

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