I finished some reading from A.W. Tozer on prayer.  You should consider doing the same!

Here’s a piece that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about:

Our consideration of the power and efficacy of prayer enters into the question of why we are part of a Christian congregation and what that congregation is striving to be and do.  We have to consider whether we are just going around and around–like a religious merry-go-round. Are we simply holding on to the painted mane of the painted horse, repeating a trip of very insignificant circles to a pleasing musical accompaniment?

Some may think the path of the religious carousel is a kind of progress, but the family of God knows better. We are among those who believe in something more than holding religious services in the same old weekly groove. We believe that in an assembly of redeemed believers there should be marvelous answers to prayer.


Have you ever considered your weekly church services as a spiritual merry-go-round with musical accompaniment?  Is that a fair observation.  Oh, wait. Tozer died in 1963.  Surely this couldn’t apply to us today.

Stay blessed…john

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