We’re missing one word

A shooting happened at a softball field yesterday.  This morning, between weather reports and nail polish reviews, there is a renewed call for unity.  Renewed?  Yes, because we’ve been down this road before.  Tragedy brings us together.  Even if superficially.

But I get tired of superficiality.  I know many of you do as well.

With all the news reports I’ve seen over the years about what we need to do to create unity and bring peace to the political smutch we  have created, I don’t know that I’ve heard the one word we need the most to move forward.

Unity?  We’re already hearing that…again.

New course?  Too easy.

Honesty? That would be nice.

Trust?  That’s important.

We’re still missing what might be the most important word yet.

I watched the news this morning and this was my first thought:

There’s a call for unity
that has made the news today.
This call isn’t new to many.

Pleading, preaching & praying,
they’ve told us what to expect
when we just want to be right.

i won’t believe we’re ready
to change the headlines each day
until we’re ready to ask

forgiveness from each other

Do you see the one word we’re missing?

Stay blessed…john

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