TobyMac is a Christian rapper. If you listen to Christian radio, you’ve heard his music at some point. He’s been around for a while.

Back in October, TobyMac’s son, Truett, passed away. He was 21 years old.

Recently, TobyMac released 21 Years as a tribute to Truett

Have a listen.

Have you dried your eyes yet?

I am sorry anytime anyone has to endure such a loss.

What I appreciate about TobyMac’s song is twofold.

First, listen to his honesty. He affirms God’s presence, but acknowledges his own pain and questions to God. Second, he weaves a part of the story of God seamlessly through his own. Yes, his loss is great. Still, he finds a connection to scripture that helps frame how he will move through such a loss.

Of course, TobyMac is an artist.

Most of us might not feel like we could ever produce anything like he can. But we can find our story within the stories of God in the Bible.

When we do, we learn just how significant having God’s word is.

Stay blessed…john

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