MUSIC MONDAY | No Pictures of Jesus

My favorite episode of my favorite TV Show is what this song is all about.

Remember that scene from Good Times when JJ painted a picture of black Jesus? Classic!

Does it matter what Jesus looked like?

I would say what matters is what Jesus looks like through you.

Check out this song: No Pictures of Jesus

Not used to listening to hip hop? Follow the lyrics:

Verse 1
I don’t care if Jesus is white or if he’s black
All I know is: Jesus is real and He’s coming back
Color’s just a tactic that people use to distract
But the Bible said “don’t argue with fools”, so I don’t react
Grew up in Catholic church taking communion with a smile
Been seeing pictures of white Jesus ever since I was a child
But then my Catholic priest got caught touching all over little guys
That messed me up when it happened, I was heartbroken inside
Momma went to the baptist church on the other side of street
I remember people catching a holy ghost, falling off their feet
They told me “Jesus was black”, the pastor said “that’s a fact”
Then the same pastor got fired for stealing money, that’s wack
I realized, everyone is crooked, everybody lies
When people think they gods, they devils in disguise
Peace and love to all my sisters and brothers, remember
Follow Jesus for his character, not for his color

Verse 2
Everybody chasing follows, that’s the new addiction
But won’t follow the survivor of the crucifixion
Pictures of Jesus just distract us from the fact
The message is the same, whether white or He’s black
That’s why our brethren of the faith Islamic
Don’t allow pictures of the prophet Muhammad
Peace be upon He, peace be upon we
How long will it take for all of us to see?
It’s all about what’s inside of the package
It’s everlasting, I don’t care how you wrap it
A gift’s a gift, his name uplifts
Make your worries disappear soon as it leaves your lips
Do not fear death, be not fret
What’s the promise made by the being that gave you breath?
So what’s left to fear?
You ain’t gotta go to heaven, but you can’t stay here

Stay blessed…john

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