My parenting regret

And just like that we have a child that has left the nest. That was an experience!

I’ve taken the last few days since our oldest daughter moved into her apartment–it’s close to us and she she lives with a family member–to reflect and I have found my one parenting regret.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t had mistakes in parenting, but those come with the territory.

Every since I’ve learned the value of prayer, I have prayed for my children. I have prayed for their health, their faith, their academics and everything else in between. Their lives have been covered in prayer, and not just by me.

My regret, however, is that even though I have prayed so much for them, I have not prayed enough with them.

They don’t know my prayers. They haven’t heard enough of their father’s words to God on their behalf. We haven’t prayed enough together. It’s something I would want them to do with their children, yet somehow I did not prioritize it enough with them. I’m saddened to think how many amensI have let go of and meaningful moments of quiet prayer.

I’m prepared to change that.  I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Stay blessed…john

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