Odds ever in your favor?

“When the odds are against you, never forget the One who is for you!”

I wondered if people would read the message above and hear it as some sort of TV evangelist proclamation.  It’s impossible to watch anything church on TV and not be reminded of how luxuriously God is moving the entire universe for you.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m convinced God is moving and has my good in mind, and yours, too.

Many of us have learned, however, that God’s definition of good doesn’t always come from dictionary.com.

It’s dangerous to think that only good is supposed to happen to us.  And especially to think that good only equates to material wealth, financial success or white picket fences.  You really need to ask yourself if Christ was on the cross praying that what he was doing was merely going to help us live the American dream.

What tends to happen when we think of only what good God wants to do for us is that we reverse the story.  You see, we just got here.  You might be old compared to some people sitting around you, but God still sees you as the child you are.  God sees us all that way.  Us little people, spoiled and self-centered as we are, think our life is about adding God to it.

No, that makes our story more important than God’s.

Actually, God has invited us into his story.  That’s what the people of Israel seemed to understand.  God had chosen them.  God had made them his people first, not the other way around.  The Almighty was working things out for the people’s good, desert and all, but it was still his story that was unfolding.

And that’s true for us today.  God still invites us into his story.  We’re hearing what that story is.  We’re seeing how God has moved before, and what things are important to God.  We’re even learning what good means to God.

So, please remember the words of Romans:

What then are we to say about these things? If God is for us, who is against us?

But also know it’s God’s story that is taking shape.  Thankfully, God has invited us into that holy story.

-Romans 8:31

Stay blessed…john

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